United Erie

United Erie also produces several other foundry specialty products. Please contact your sales representative or the main office if your sepcific product need is not included. Additional technical information is available by:

  • Material Safety Data Sheets - provide you with information about health, saftey and handling of these products.
  • Techincal Data Sheets - provide more detailed descriptions of the binder and co-reactants, their best practices and typical performance.

United Erie
Product Line Up
Binder System Chemistry Features
Characteristic Properties
Few of the Benefits

Furan (Air-Set) NB

Cured w/ TSA or BSA acid catalysts

  • Large selection of formulas to meet specific foundry needs
  • Low to 0% reportable nitrogen, formaldehyde and only trace water
  • Suitable for all metals; easily reclaimable sand
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Excellent hot strength
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Good shakeout
RB Series
RBF Series
RB-S Series

Ester-Cured Alkaline - Phenolic No-Bake

  • Two part resin system
  • Co-reactant selected provides the desired cure rate
  • Low mixing and pour odor
  • Low smoke on pouring
  • Water based/No petroleum distillates, solvents, or oils
  • High quality casting finish for all metals
  • Lower casting finishing costs
  • Good hot strength
  • Water clean up
  • Significant reduction in VOC's
  • Work friendly environment
G Series

Gas Cured (Methyl Formate or CO2) Alkaline - Phenolic Cold Box

Cures in presence of vaporized ester; United's AP-99G Methyl Formate

  • All same benefits of ester-cured alkali-phenolic no-bake system: formulated for cold box applications
  • Ultra low odor
  • High degree of reactivity
  • Excellent sand-resin bench-life
  • Excellent hot strength
  • Good shakeout
  • Low VOC's friendly work environment
RMF Series

Phenolic Modified Furan No-Bake

Cured w/ TSA or BSA acid catalyst

  • Unique resorcinol/phenol formula modification of furan binder to provide very rapid polymerization and exceptionally strong sand bonds
  • Well suited for steel or iron castings; easily reclaimable sand
  • Excellent hot strength
  • Excellent release
  • Excellent mold strength
  • Excellent performance to cost ratio
600 PUNB Series
700 PUNB Series
F/X PUNB Series

Phenolic Urethane (air-set) No-Bake

Cured with modified polymeric isocyanate

  • Flexible wide applications
  • Fast or slow curing
  • Three part resin system w/ broad selection of catalyst/accelerators
  • Sand is reclaimable
  • Odor improved PUNB systems
  • Excellent range in foundry usage
  • High tensile, hot strengths
  • Good shakeout
  • Excellent high production/cost ratio
Polyol Series

Polyol Urethane No-Bake

Cured with modified polymeric isocyanate

  • Designed for high quality non-ferrous core and mold operations
  • Two or three part system
  • No phenol, Formaldehyde
  • 0% VOC formulas are available
  • Excellent knock-out
  • Excellent pattern release
  • Acceptable hot strength for aluminum
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy

Phenolic Urethane Cold Box

Oil based phenolic urethane resin mixed with isocyanate solution

Cured with amine catalysts

  • Superior "out of box" strength with rapid tensile strength growth
  • Three part system
  • Sand is reclaimable
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Extended bench-life
  • Higher production rates
  • Binder level reduction due to strengths, reduce VOC's, costs, and resin build-up
  • Longer core shelf-life
  • Good shake-out
  • Good tooling release

Epoxy/Acrylic (SO2) Cold Box

  • Two part resin system immediately cures in the presence of SO2 gas/purge cycle
  • Extremely high "out of box" tensile strengths
  • Sand is reclaimable
  • Longest bench life
  • 0% water, nitrogen, phenol, formaldehyde
  • Higher production rates
  • Superior dimensional accuracy
  • Enhanced sand flow-ability
  • Significant reduction in mixer, hopper, blow equipment cleaning
Alkyd Series

Alkyd-Urethane No-Bake

Cured with isocyanate catalyst

  • Two or three part system
  • Resin selection for desired work/strip times; catalyst amount is fixed
  • Excellent hot strength
  • Good casting finishes
  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • Reasonable shakeout
Sil-Bind Series

Sodium Silicate (air-set) No-Bake

Cured with hardening agent catalysts

  • Inorganic two-part resin system
  • Catalyst selection for desired set/trip times: catalyst is fixed
  • Options for storage/moisture resistance
  • Virtually smoke and odor-free during mixing, pouring and shake-out
  • Produce very flow-able sand
  • Friendly work environment

Sodium Silicate Cold Box

Cured w/ CO2 gas in core box

  • Advanced polymer-modified silicate, one-part resin
  • Minimal gas evolution
  • Absence of odor, VOC compounds, and smoke
  • Improved moisture resistance
  • Option available without modifying agents
  • Shorter gassing cycle-lower cost
  • Good shake-out
  • Non-typical extended life storage
  • Better than typical flow-ability, scratch hardness and tensile
Aqua Bond

Core Oil

Core Oil

  • Conventional linseed based
  • Emulsion system
  • Low cost/fast bake
  • Less smoke
Top Bond B

Resin/hardener sand surface spray

  • Develops "baked hard" surfaces on green sand or sodium silicate cores and molds
  • Extremely fast drying
  • Available in aerosol spray can or standard liquid packaging
  • Reduces labor costs, broken cores, cleaning costs
  • Extends shelf life of cores
  • Can replace a conventional wash
Unipart HS

No-Bake Release Agent

  • Fast drying aluminum pigment
  • Higher solids than typical
  • Other formulas available
  • Excellent release with minimal build up on patterns
  • Long life with minimal reapplication
Unipart GS

Oil Based Release

  • Liquid parting for green sand automatic molding machines as well as jolt squeeze slinger operations
  • High flash point
  • Durable film coating
  • More draws per application
  • Rapid clean releases
  • Excellent hot sand performance; will not separate in cold weather

UE Framework